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And the winner of TrepCamp 2019 is... AllFarmz!

Written on 11/04/2019
TrepCamp Community

And the winner is... AllFarmz!

Author: TrepCamp Team

TrepCamp’s Entrepreneurial Simulator 2019 has come to an official end but not before choosing an ultimate winner: AllFarmz.


AllFarmz started its journey in 5 different countries, all of their members come from different places: Erick Montañez, Mexico; Lucas Schiavini, Brazil; Luis Arevalo, Peru; Pia Castillo, Argentina, and Yoder Macas, Ecuador. They met during the online prework and started working right away, they didn’t even wait for the onsite Entrepreneurial Simulator to start. Once they arrived to Silicon Valley, they had already a good idea of what challenge they wanted to work on: The Next Generation of Agriculture.


The team advanced through all of the different workshops with the support of their EIR, Ray Milhem, and their mentors, Erika Gil and Ron Shigeta.


The team quickly demonstrated that they were not only passionate about their project but also really committed to it. They won several of the challenges during the Entrepreneurial Simulator such as the Validation of their Idea, the Business Model Canvas, and finally, they were also chosen by the panel of investors as the 1st place during their Demo Day. All of this resulted in them being the winners of the Silicon Valley III program and this allowed them to continue to the next rounds.  


Round 1 was especially tough for them, although they gathered 948 votes from the public, they didn’t make it to the 10 most voted teams. They were awarded a second chance when they were chosen as one out of the two available wildcards. This motivated them to work even harder for Round 2 where they were also mentored by the EIR of the Entrepreneurial Simulator in London, Sangita Verma, and they managed to be selected to participate in the final round in Los Angeles. 


The date for the Global Demo Day arrived and the team traveled to LA. In there, they met the other participant teams: HAIN, StarUp, T-Cor, and KU’MI. 4 months of intense work had let them to this day. All of the teams did a great job during the final pitch, but only one could be chosen as a winner. The decision among the panel of investors was unanimous: AllFarmz was the winner of TrepCamp 2019. 


Although the competition is now over, this was just the first step of their Entrepreneurial Journey, we can’t wait to see what they will achieve.

Congratulations to the team!