Sofia Retiff, GDL Ambassador on 01/14/2020

How to find the motivation you need day by day?

How to find the motivation you need day by day? Doesn't it happen to you that there are days when you don't feel like anything? The only thing you want is to be lying in your bed and you feel it is not worth the effort to go to work or study.

EBUKA UME-EZEOKE, Nigeria Ambassador on 11/19/2019

The More you Learn The More You Earn

How do I earn more as an entrepreneur? "Tell yourself the Truth Ebuka, you can't earn more than what you are and you know it", said the voice in my head. However, I've learned to give that voice a chance to speak and turn it to fuel as motivation. So I asked again "how do I earn more as an entrepreneur?" Learn one new thing daily was the truth I told myself.

Belen Cisneros, CDMX Ambassador on 11/09/2019

Being a young entrepreneur

Hi, I am Belen Cisneros a TrepCamp Ambassador from Mexico City. I created this infographic about being a young entrepreneur and I hope it brings you some insights into the world of entrepreneurship.

Andrea Llera, CDMX South Ambassador on 11/05/2019

My journey to become a Young Entrepreneur

So... the theme for this week is “What nobody tells you about being a young entrepreneur” and it isn't easy to explain this theme out because, in my case, it was a such a long shot accomplished with a stroke of luck and hard work, I'll tell you why... All of my life, I’ve been dreaming of being my own boss and creating an industry that'll help a lot of people by implementing a new business model that could be focused according to a better sustainability projection and a socially responsible enterprise but I didn’t know how to start. Until one day, my University made a mini project that’s called “Start Camp”, where they gave you a problem and you had to come up with an idea that solved that problem or find a better way to solve it, and also, other part that makes it more interesting is that they mix all the careers so you don’t get to be with your closest partners, and challenge yourself to meet new people that probably later will became your co-workers.

German Carrizales, CDMX South Ambassador on 11/05/2019

Meet CDMX South Ambassadors! 🚀

Well, if you've seen São Paulo's Hub latest posts here in the app, you must have seen how amazed we are about everything we lived so far. And that is the magic of it. TrepCamp has touched our lives so deeply, that it has empowered us to go ahead and change other people's lives too. We believe our actions can make our future better, and a great part of it is to bring people together. We've met new friends, new partners, new mentors, and now even a new platform to make our voices heard. We are very deeply grateful for having the opportunity to share some of this experience with you! And we want to welcome the next hub to be taking over the app, CDMX South Hub, we are pretty excited to hear what you got for us!

Tereza Teixeira, Sao Paulo Ambassador on 11/03/2019

How TrepCamp changed our lives!

How TrepCamp changed our lives: After this week when I, Bella and Luca were analyzing everything we lived in our ecosystems and how we could share all of that with you, we were trying to manage our different schedules to make the best content we could. We are students, we work, we practice sports, we have projects in our universities, personal projects like writing scientific research, and we also need time for ourselves, friends and families. We are not exceptional, that’s just the reality of most Brazilian students. We are always juggling our commitments, and putting our efforts into new things because we want to know more, know better. We want to help develop the places we live in.

Luca Gusella, Sao Paulo Ambassador on 11/02/2019

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Brazil

Brazil is getting stronger at entrepreneurship, according to GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) Brazil had the best Total early-stage Entrepreneurial Activity (TEA) Rate at 2019, it was 38%! Why is it so important? This means that 38% of the population around 18-64 are engaged at entrepreneurship, being a nascent entrepreneur or owner-manager of a new business.

Isabella Bastos, São Paulo Ambassador on 10/31/2019

3 lessons TrepCamp taught us 💡

TrepCamp puts you on the spot once you go back home. You are full of ideas, and people are willing to hear them. And usually, they all ask the one question that we can’t ignore: What did you learn there? Well, it seems impossible to tell people everything that goes on in the ecosystems, but we all have our main takeaways from this experience. And now, we are sharing it with you!

Tereza Texeira, São Paulo Ambassador on 10/30/2019

Our experience in our TrepCamp Ecosystem! 🤩

Isabella Bastos: “Choosing your ecosystem can be tough. You never know which city is going to work best for you and the ideas you have before going. When I applied for TrepCamp, I wanted to attend the Silicon Valley program. But something changed my mind in the last minute, and suddenly I heard Boston calling my name. I trusted my gut, and went to Boston. It was a great decision. As soon as I met the EiR and the coordinator of the program, I knew I was in the right place. They motivated me so much and shared so much knowledge, that it makes me feel this experience has changed my life forever. Boston is a unique place, where people believe in you, and are always willing to help. We had access to teachers and researchers at the best universities in the US, and also a lot of entrepreneurs from the most diverse areas of expertise. It was very challenging, and it was totally worth it”.

Luca Gusella, São Paulo Ambassador on 10/29/2019

Meet São Paulo's Ambassadors 🤩🚀

Hello guys! We are part of the Ambassador’s Hub from São Paulo, our team: Isabella Bastos - design student, Luca Gusella - engineer student and Tereza Teixeira - architecture student.

Francisca Castro, Santiago de Chile Ambassador on 10/23/2019

Meet Armony! Our project to prevent childhood depression.

The world average of people with depression by country is 15%, in Chile we have reached 18,3%, which is 3,431,508 people. Chile leads a black number of preschoolers with the worst health in the world; anxiety, and depression affect 2 out of every 12 children. As Armony, we know that the key to preventing depression is in the healthy relationship between parents and children, that is why our project seeks to strengthen it through an augmented reality game that uses the child’s interaction as a means to obtain metrics of the emotional level of the child, which are subsequently translated into reports that warn and assist the parent, strengthening emotional intelligence through educated and informed relationships. on 09/08/2019

TrepCamp @Silicon Valley

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