Global Demo Day 2019


During the summer the top performers of each entrepreneurial simulator got selected to participate in the Global Demo Day 2019.

In which the Treps had to prove their pitching, execution, and team working abilities in the three rounds of the competition. 


The rounds consisted of online voting, online pitching, and a live pitch.


In round 1 the +40 top-performing teams of TrepCamp 2019 made a video pitch of their business idea and promoted it on a voting platform to be one of the 10 most voted videos and move on to the next round. 

Additionally, based on merit, the panelists awarded two wild cards for 2  teams to continue participating in the competition.


In Round 2 the 12 selected teams pitched their business idea to a panel of entrepreneurship experts in an online session, in this round, the teams had to learn how to engage with their audience and execute their idea. 

Only 5 teams moved on to the final round.


This year Round 3 took place in the 4YFN startup event that happened at the Mobile World Congress in Los Angeles, California. The 5 finalists teams pitched to a panel of entrepreneurship experts the 5 teams selected to participate in the final round were: 



The winner of the Global Demo Day 2019 is AllFarmz!


Just like them you can make great and positive changes in the world, take the first step and become a Trep.